HZ Delay Is A FREE Echo/Reverb Effect By Higher Hz

Higher Hz released HZ Delay, a versatile freeware delay effect in VST plugin format for digital audio workstations on Windows.

HZ Delay is a freeware delay that, according to its developer, deliberately strays from the basic delay effect formula. The plugin implements additional features that make it work differently from other delay plugins on the market.

All of this is clearly explained on the developer’s website, but I’ll provide a short overview of HZ Delay’s functionality.

HZ Delay combines delay, reverb, chorus, filtering, and saturation effects, offering a powerful sound design combo. It features three echo stages with different control parameters, allowing for complex delays with multiple delay lines.

Things get even more interesting in the Feedback section, which lets you send a portion of the signal from the third echo stage back to the first one. You can also swap the left and right channels using the Crossfeed control.

Here’s the official HZ Delay demo video.

So, is HZ Delay a chorus, a delay, or a reverb? It’s all of the above, but it shines as a flexible sound design tool for creating long evolving echoes. I used it on a bare analog synth patch which was quickly transformed into an earth-shatteringly epic pad thanks to some HZ Delay magic.

“HZ Delay is a character effect which means that it doesn’t do all things equally. Matter of fact, it deliberately does some things oddly or not at all to allow it to have the sort of character so sought after in older analog gear.”

For more info about the plugin, look at the detailed description on the product page linked below. Pay special attention to the section that describes the internal routing and signal flow, as it will help you take advantage of HZ Delay’s more advanced features.

HZ Delay is available in VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for Windows-based plugin hosts. Unfortunately, macOS is not supported at the moment. However, I noticed an empty folder named “MACOS” in the downloaded archive, which could indicate that a macOS version is coming sometime in the future.

Download: HZ Delay (4.54 MB download size, ZIP archive, manual installation, 64-bit VST2/VST3 plugin format for Windows)