BLINKSONIC° Intros COLLIDZ°, A Reaktor 6 Instrument With 4 Synth Engines

BLINKSONIC° has introduced COLLIDZ°, a new Reaktor 6 instrument that features four synth engines, sequenced by a polyrhythmic program of 12 scaled or microtonal notes.

The company describes it as “a new paradigm around harmonic scores creation, melodic sequences programming, and real-time note interpretation.”

To use, you:

  • Preselect the notes/frequencies you want to play, with twelve notes of polyphony
  • Define individual tempo signature & rhythmic rules for each note selected…. And launch them manually or through a  polyrhythmic sequencer.
  • Find variations to your sequences with smart position & tempo wrappers, randomization functions & powerful transposition features.
  • Choose from classical scales and modes, set your custom tunings, or explore temperament settings and microtonal scales.


  • 4 synth engines:
    • STROKES – Percussive synth based on FM operators.
    • FRICTION – Modal synthesis strings emulator.
    • GROUND – Two oscillators based subtractive synth.
    • SHOCK – Virtual analog drum and percussion engine.
  • 4 effects:
    • LARSEN – Resonate/shifter module.
    • FROST – Micro Delay/Freeze.
    • FEATHER – Digital Reverb.
    • JUICE – SSB Radio and Tape Machine emulator.
  • Many other options, including: Global Midi Transposer, LFOs, custom BPM commands, OTT compressor, random phrase generator, external input and looper, audio to gate converter.
  • 100 snapshots to get you started

Note: Requires Native Instruments Reaktor 6 full version.

Pricing and Availability

COLLIDZ° is available until 24th of March 2022 for €99, with the discount code COLLIDZ on check-out. Normally €129.