How long Have you been Writing?

I’ve been painting graffiti for 11 years total, with a small few gaps, because of real-life shit.

Where are you based out of?

Based out of Northern California.

Who’s style do you like and admire?

Nesta , Revok , Logic , Emar , Keep , Silencer , Roar , Ryno and my Brother Dapr.

All of these writers had a huge impact on my progression in graffiti and style.

My style?

I’m heavy on being clean. That sharp readable style is what I lean towards mostly while piecing. I like to max out on how big I paint, over the 4th ladder on the train is a minimum for me. Sizing and scaling is my top priority, along with having consistent long clean lines. I do My best to have high qualities in Graffiti and in real life.


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