Korg Intros Wavestate, Opsix Software Synthesizers

Korg today introduced wavestate native and opsix native, fully-compatible software versions of their popular  wavestate and opsix hardware synthesizers.

Both are available in VST3, AAX, and standalone formats on both macOS and Windows, as well as AU on macOS.

Korg says that the synths give you the best of both worlds, by having software and hardware versions that are fully compatible.

You can exchange sounds seamlessly between the two, making music in your DAW with the native plug-ins and their rich visual interfaces, and then move to the hardware version for live performance. Or you can create sounds with the hardware’s physical knobs and sliders, and then use those sounds in your DAW.

wavestate native

wavestate native is the fully compatible software counterpart to the hardware wavestate. It features Wave Sequencing 2.0, which lets you create evolving sounds, with extensive real-time control and animated visualization. Quickly identify modulation sources using real-time displays of all envelopes, LFOs, and other primary modulation sources. Easily create modulation routings using drag-and-drop, and get an overview of all routings via the Mod List.

opsix native

opsix native has the exact same sound engine as opsix. The user interface has been re-designed to retain the concept but with a unique UI, including the iconic opsix operator-mixer, so that even those who have never used opsix before can understand the workflow.

Pricing and Availability

Both wavestate and opsix are available now, with an intro price of $149 each (normally $199). Owners of the hardware wavestate or opsix are eligible for a crossgrade license to the software versions for $49.99.