Midronome MIDI Master Clock Launches On Kickstarter

Danish startup Midronome has launched a Kickstarter to fund production of the Midronome, a MIDI Master Clock, that they say makes it effortless to set and sync tempo across MIDI gear like synths, sequencers, drum machines, Ableton Live and effects pedals.

Live, it can be used to sync acoustic musicians, as well, with its built-in metronome in time.

And, in the studio, it lets you sync your DAW and your outboard gear together. It has two CV/Analog outputs for modular gear, whic can also be used as a DIN (sync24) clock output for vintage gear.


  • Keep all of your MIDI devices in sync, with the power of “the most precise MIDI clock on the market”
  • 50,000 times more accurate than a computer-based clock
  • 1000 times more accurate than most synth-based clocks
  • Keep your band in tempo with the metronome click – and if you don’t like the classic beep sound, you can choose from the selection of 60 different clicks sounds
  • 9 volume levels
  • If you need to know where the beat is, the Midronome will show it to you with an LED next to its display. Green for the first beat in the bar, red for others.
  • All settings are saved automatically, and the current tempo is saved every 10 seconds.

Pricing and Availability

Midronome production is being funded via a Kickstarter project, and is available to backers for 149€, or about $160 USD with shipping.

Note that crowdfunded projects can involve risk, which is documented as part of the project.