I need this Apple product subscription rumour to be true

Picture this, Apple has just announced a brand new iPhone and you absolutely fall in love with its innovative design. But when you go to check the price tag you suddenly realise that you’re going to have to mortgage the house and sell your soul to buy it. We’ve all been there, right? But Apple might have a solution on the horizon. 

It’s rumoured that Apple may be working on a subscription service that’ll allow users to own Apple products for a monthly fee. It’s early days but it’s speculated that the service may offer users the chance to get their hands on some significant Apple hardware (iPhones, iPads, Macs etc) after being checked for eligibility. If you don’t fancy waiting for an Apple subscription, then why not jump straight into some killer Apple deals?

A hand holding an iPhone 13

Would you sign up for an iPhone subscription? (Image credit: Jeremy Bezanger via Unsplash)

While there are options currently available for Apple users to spread the cost of their devices over a number of months, this would be the first time you could pay for a subscription tailored to your Apple account – similar to the subscription fee on an App. While the subscription service would charge you the same simple way that Apple Music, Apple TV and iCloud does, it would mean that you receive a physical Apple product, which you could opt-in and out of as freely as you would a digital subscription. We’re not exactly sure how this would work yet, but we love the idea anyhow. 

According to Bloomberg , “The service would be Apple’s biggest push yet into automatically recurring sales, allowing users to subscribe to hardware for the first time – rather than just digital services”. Imagine how cool it would be if you were just able to upgrade your device as easy as it is to buy more storage on the iCloud or a movie on Apple TV?

Bloomberg has said that the subscription is still in the extremely early stages of development – so it’s best that we don’t get our hopes too high just yet. But if all this talk of Apple hardware has got you wanting the latest Apple product, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best iPhone 13 deals

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