Music Promotion: How to Promote Your Music in 2022

8. How to license your music

When it comes to monetizing and promoting your music, music licensing is where the rubber hits the road.

One video game, television or movie licensing deal can change the trajectory of your music career in an instant.

But getting that kind of deal takes years of hard, hard work.

You need to be writing AAA music, have a following and excellent representation in terms of management to realistically have a chance of landing a significant licensing deal.

That’s because sync licensing deals are usually worked out between a publisher who represents you, and sells your music to the media company looking to use your content in their production.

So, if you’re just getting started, don’t worry about finding a major licensing deal—just focus on creating your music and let the big deals come when you have a larger following and some form of management.

If you are ready to take the next step, you need to start working on finding professional representation in the form of a manager and publisher.

Chances are, if you’ve signed with a record label, you’ll eventually have representation from these key personnel.

But, if you’re going the independent route, you’ll have to perform at industry shows and network to find a publisher who believes in your art and is ready to take you on as representation.

Prepare to make an investment in hiring the publisher too, this kind of representation rarely comes for free and usually can be quite expensive.

We discuss licensing in more detail in past articles, if you’d like to learn more.