CME Announces Sign Up, 50% Discount On SWIDI Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard

CME has launched a crowd creation project for their SWIDI Bluetooth MIDI Controller.

The first 3,000 registrants will get a 50% discount during the presale and have the opportunity to share input on the wireless controller’s development.

Rip-off Or Kick-off?

CME originally introduced the SWIDI as a knockoff of the Behringer SWING, itself a knockoff of the Arturia Keystep.

Now they’ve updated their page with the heading “Rip-off or Kick-off?”, asking customers to decide the fate of the new controller. They say that “With 3,000 active registrants, SWIDI becomes a reality.”

Questions that the company is asking customers do decide include:

  • Do you want it to be wired or wireless?
  • Do you want CV/gate or USB ports?
  • Do you need polyAT? Do you require battery power or wireless charging?
  • Do you prefer wired or wireless?

If you’re interested in sharing input on the development of the SWIDI, see the CME site.