Tsugi Intros ‘Bigger, Faster, Smarter’ GameSynth 2022

Tsugi has introduced GameSynth 2022, a major update to their Windows procedural sound design tool for games and animation.

GameSynth offers many specialized synthesizers for generating sound effects: impacts, whooshes, footsteps, engines, particle-based sounds, environmental sounds, voice effects and more. It also provides a patching environment to build sound effects synthesizers by connecting 130+ modules together.

They say that GameSynth 2022 has been leveled up to be bigger, faster & smarter. Here’s what’s new:

  • Bigger:
    • 1000+ sound models of all types and styles in the repository.
    • 15 new modules in the patching environment: Horn, Parametric, Stutter, Wavefolder, Drifter etc…
    • New LFO shapes, Noise types, Formant parameters and more.
    • 8 new effect racks in Voice FX: Clipper, Comb Filter, Frequency Shifter, Limiter, Resonator, Spectral Delay, Stutter, and Tube.
    • Import of SVG drawings and new scripting functions in the Sketch Pad.
    • New audio exporters (GameMaker Studio, Audacity).
    • New animation curve importers (GameMaker Studio, Live2D).
  • Faster:
    • New module selector to quickly add modules by type, name, status etc…
    • Partial playback to instantly check audio signals going through wires.
    • New wire context menu to speed up patching.
    • Snap wiring and automatic modules reconnection.
    • Automatic .wav rendering for different meta-parameter values.
    • Updated automatic export to game middleware (Wwise, FMOD…)
  • Smarter:
    • AI-powered perceptual map to find similar sound models.
    • Audio analysis to find sound models close to a wave file.
    • Patch search based on the modules used.
    • Improved random patch creator.
    • Variation detection in the run-time exporter

Pricing and Availability

GameSynth 2022 is available at the introductory price of US $273 (30% off, regular price $390) until the 30th of April, or as a free update for current users. Windows only.