I’m an Amsterdam-based writer and started graffiti in 2004. Back then I used different names in a more traditional style. I started to write URSH in 2019 after an 8 years break from painting.

Crews like MSK were a massive influence for me then and still are today. After my hiatus, I was happy to see people like Roids or Revok still being out there and smashing it in their own respective styles. Today I like to find inspiration beyond graffiti itself; I find myself looking for letter shapes in various surroundings (landscapes, buildings, patterns…)

Some might say my style is “post” or “abstract” but I feel more comfortable calling it Contemporary.

To me, this is the evolution I decided to follow based on the learnings and experience I’ve had with graffiti over the last couple of decades. The letter structure is there, I always write URSH but the way textures and fills render make it less obvious to see. And this is OK to me. I like the idea that no one can read what is on the wall and interpret it in their own way.

My workflow today is quite simple: let go of everything, forget all traditional graffiti rules and let the paint do the talking. I always go freestyle and try to add something new for every piece. It doesn’t always work, results and self-satisfaction can vary but it definitely brings a wider perspective that I can learn from.

As I always say: “it’s all about the journey” – and mine is just getting started really.

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