The Scale Omnibus eBook Explores Nearly 400 Scales From Around The World

Midi-2-the-Max has released a new and more complete edition of The Scale Omnibus, by Francesco Balena.

This 458-page e-book, in PDF format, covers nearly 400 musical scales from all over the world and historic periods. Each scale is described by its intervals and the chords on which it “sounds good”, is transposed to all 12 keys, and often enriched with historical notes and trivia.

Related scales are connected via hyperlinks, so for example you can jump from “Dorian” to “Major” and from there visit all its seven modes.

Several tables in the appendix allow you to find a scale by its name (with 1000+ synonyms), intervals, modes, number of notes, etc.

Pricing and Availability

The Scale Omnibus is available now, as a pdf, download for 9 euros. A free excerpt that covers major and minor scales, and their modes, is also available.