New Algorithmic Reverb, Crystalline, Offers Modern Features & State Of The Art Sound has introduced Crystalline – a new effect plugin for Mac & Windows that they say is designed to be the “perfect algorithmic reverb”.

“We’ve asked ourselves what the pioneers of the legendary digital reverbs would have done if they had the resources we have today,” they note, “and then we’ve made exactly that plugin. With all the bells and whistles a modern engineer would need.”


  • BPM-Synced Start And End Times: Hard-sync the reverb attack and decay time to your DAW’s tempo. This will generally result in cleaner mixes where the reflections are naturally in sync with the music.
  • Reflections Section: – Size lets you set the room size. This control is detached from the “Length” control, meaning you can get any size/length combination you want, including esoteric settings like huge spaces with very short tails or tiny spaces with very long tails. Sparkle emphasizes high frequencies inside the reverb algorithm. Width l set the stereo image of the reverb from mono to wide, to extra wide.
  • Depth Section: Resolution the complexity of the algorithm from ‘basic’ to ‘pristine’. More complex settings will give you an ultra-clean reverb response. Modulation creates pitch variations inside the reverb algorithm. Shimmer makes the high frequencies of the reverb tail decay slower than the rest of the spectrum, giving the reflections an ‘angelic halo’ effect.
  • Clean-Up Section:
    • Damping – dual filter control
    • Sides – high-pass filter that removes stereo information from the low end while keeping the mono-information intact.
    • Gate The gate offers threshold and release controls
  • Shape Section:
    • Tone is a tilt EQ
    • Smoothing – applies an EQ-curve custom-designed to address the frequency areas that tend to get resonant and sharp. It mellows out harshness and gives Crystalline a more subtle feel. This allows you to add a little more reverb without drenching your mix.
    • Transients shift the reverb algorithm’s emphasis to either the attack or sustain part of
      the incoming signal.
  • Output Section:
    • Ducker lowers the reverb signal when the dry/incoming track is playing.
    • Reverse reverses the reverb playback, giving you some radical sound design possibilities.
    • Freeze when clicked holds this snapshot continuously until the button is un-clicked again.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Crystalline is available now for $49 USD (usually $99).