Boot EQ MkIII Is A FREE EQ Plugin By Variety Of Sound

Variety of Sound releases BootEQ mkIII, an updated version of the legendary freeware analog-style equalizer for Windows.

Boot EQ by Variety of Sound is a well-designed equalizer and pre-amplifier simulation plugin. BootEQ mkIII is the newest version of the plugin and comes with new features like compression and better slopes.

You can download the plugin for FREE at Variety of Sound’s website. The plugin is only available on Windows in the VST format.

BootEQ mkIII includes four parametric EQ bands which alter the frequency response based on how human hearing works. This means that the plugin does not adjust absolute numerical values when changing a parameter.

Instead, it affects the sound based on how our ears are attuned to be more sensitive to specific frequency ranges and less sensitive to others. This leads to better and more natural-sounding EQ results.

The controls available include knobs for controlling the four bands: High Frequencies, High-Mid Frequencies, Mid Frequencies, and Low Frequencies. There are three frequency cutoff controls to specify where one band ends and the next begins.

Other parameters include a Low Pass Filter, Output Mix, Drive, Tube On/Off, and ‘Q’ calibration. You also get two modes – Vintage and Modern.

The interface is straightforward and intuitive with an analog theme. The functions and parameters are precise, and the retro vintage looks good. The relatively small number of controls makes the plugin very straightforward and quick to use, but note that there are no presets here.

With the MkIII version, you get improved curve slopes, a new 64-bit version along with 32-bit, a new preamp with Opto-style compression, stateful saturation, and calibration for gain-staging and metering.

To get BootEQ mkIII, simply download the file from Variety Of Sound and extract the DLL file to your VST file directory.

If you like BootEQ mkIII, you can try out the other free software Variety Of Sound offers, including Density mkIII, epicVerb, FerricTDS mkII, and NastyVCS.

Editor’s note: BootEQ is one of my go-to mixing tools. It is one of Variety of Sound’s best plugins, along with FerricTDS and Density. BootEQ nails the analog-style EQ concept. It is colorful, subtle, and warm, with gentle opto-style compression and musical EQ curves. Use it to enhance your mixes and make individual tracks shine.

Download: BootEQ mkIII (32-bit & 64-bit VST2 plugin format for Windows)