‘Teck’ was consumed by writing in 1982. Engulfed by the magic of writing seeing all the grime and graff the south Bronx had to offer in the mid-’70s on car rides with my pops. It’s been a 40-year long journey picking up amazing and deadly experiences along the way that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I started B-boying, picked up a can, and my first partner Sero at 12 repping Soul City Writers. I rocked through the golden era of the 80s, and the 90s all the way to the present-day being put down by influential crews such as FBA, FUA, OTB, BT, SM, MW, etc and collaborating with many talents and crews around the world along the way. I’ve made big moves painting murals for Chris Brown, participating in KRS 1, and working on the film Bruised starring Halle Berry. I do it for the authenticity and love of the culture. My plan is to always take writing to a new level.

I’ve had more comebacks than your mama,
peace and love,

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