Arturia Releases FREE Augmented STRINGS Intro Virtual Instrument

Arturia releases Augmented STRINGS Intro, a free virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

Augmented STRINGS Intro combines sampled sounds with advanced synthesis. It delivers natural-sounding strings while offering more flexibility than purely sample-based virtual instruments.

The plugin is part of Arturia’s new Augmented Series of virtual instruments. You can download Augmented STRINGS Intro for free until April 30th, 2022.

Augmented STRINGS Intro comes with a clean interface that features eight control knobs. The user can adjust the Morph, Color, Time, Motion, Delay, Reverb, FX A, and FX B parameters.

The Morph knob is the most exciting control parameter on offer. It lets the user morph between two sound layers, leading to dramatic sonic transformations with the twist of a single knob.

Each preset comes with two sound layers that combine sampled strings and various synthesis techniques. Arturia states that Augmented STRINGS Intro utilizes subtractive, wavetable, harmonic, and granular synthesis. 

The instrument lets you explore the available sounds without going too deep with parameter customizations or any advanced synthesis knowledge. Arturia provided a streamlined user interface that lets the user focus on fine-tuning the sound with a few easy-to-understand macro controls.

Augmented STRINGS Intro reminds me of LABS in this regard. You’re getting stellar sounds packed in a clean interface with simple controls.

Here’s how Arturia describes the new instrument:

“Uniting quality string libraries with state-of-the-art synthesis, Augmented Strings Intro is your quickest route to the fresh string sound you’ve always wanted. Go beyond conventional libraries, virtual instruments, and familiar orchestral timbres, and elevate your string sounds to inspiring new heights. Whether you’re a composer, producer, sound designer, or anything in between, effortlessly control an enhanced hybrid ensemble that’ll set your production alight.”

You can hear the Augmented STRINGS Intro plugin in action in the official demo video below.

And here’s an in-depth Augmented STRINGS Intro tutorial from Arturia.

While Augmented STRINGS Intro may look simple on the outside, it packs an astonishing amount of sample content mixed with a flexible synthesis engine. Arturia claims that they sampled “over 60 articulations across double bass, cello, viola, and violin.”

At the same time, the plugin uses “state-of-the-art synthesis architecture from the minds behind Pigments and V Collection.”

Please note that you need to install the Arturia Software Center license manager to activate your free copy of Augmented STRINGS Intro.

The software is compatible with 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows (Win 8.1+) and macOS (10.13+).

Download: Augmented STRINGS Intro (FREE until April 30th, 2022)