Sept79 – In the mid 90’s I went to a middle school in a small city nearby from where I lived, that’s where I first encountered graffiti up close. I remember seeing tracksides from the train, but now for the first time seeing this up close was something different. It was fascinating and this never stopped to fascinate me, however the way of doing it changed a lot during the past years.
At first I started tagging and later on bombing, painting Hall of Fames came a little later on. I did some different names and I think the first time I did a Sept piece must have been in 2000. That was about the same time I left my home town and moved to another city in the north of the Netherlands. Within a couple of years I met all my DefKids crew buddies and when we started traveling and painting at other places we met more and more writers everywhere. Sometimes you see each other never again and sometimes you stay in touch during the years that follow. It’s nice that it starts with keeping in touch because of painting and now we’re talking about eachothers kids and progress on the house improvement.
Some Years ago my good friend Aldert sadly moved away to Leipzig in Germany, a six hour drive from my hometown. When I visited him I stumbled upon some boys from Vapour Trails, a German graffiti crew from this area, and we started painting, eating and Drinkin’ together. I brought my friends and crew mates and at some point in 2017ish we started BadCompany together. So thank you Aldert for this adventure you started.
The whole current situation with lockdowns and travel bans made me realize how much I miss painting together with loads of people. So hopefully we’ll be able to do this more and more again in the future.

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