ZAK Sound Releases FREE Orange Dreams Lite Instrument

ZAK sound offers the lite version of their Orange Dreams Lite virtual instrument as a free download. The full version costs $29 at the moment.

Orange Dreams is a diverse collection of sounds that centers around creating spacy, psychedelic soundscapes. The package of sounds works great over laid-back music styles like Lo-Fi, Chillhop, and Vaporwave.

The paid version of Orange Dreams includes:

  • 10 Bass Sounds – Ranging from smooth rumbling sub-bass samples to more defined tones like a simple bass guitar;
  • 11 Strings – The strings have a healthy variety of expressions, from drones and legato to plucks and sweeps;
  • 15 Synths – All polyphonic, ranging from bright and vibrant to less abrasive, more pad-like textures;
  • 9 Keyboard Sounds – Standard acoustic and electric pianos and some fairly useful organ tones;
  • 17 exclusive Orange Dreams Sounds – This package includes intriguing textures from bells and leads to more experimental noise-based tones.

However, the freely downloadable Orange Dreams Lite only comes with 17 presets. You’ll need to update to the Full edition to access all 62 presets. Also, the Lite edition limits the sample quality to 16-bit, as compared to 32-bit in the paid version.

The interface should take most users no more than a few minutes to learn and master. The plugin features a standard keyboard for real-time visual feedback of compositions, functioning pitch and mod wheels, as well as a few handy essential controls.

Here’s a closer look at the included control parameters:

  • Envelope Control – Full set of ADSR envelope controls;
  • Mode – This control allows users to switch between monophonic, polyphonic, legato modes, and control the curve shape;
  • Tone – Toggles between high and low tone range responses;
  • Waves Panel – Selects between three modulation waveshapes (sin, saw, triangle) and determines the modulation target (pitch, expression, and panning);
  • High and Low Pass Filters;
  • Reverb – Controls the built-in reverb’s intensity.

Orange Dreams’ strength lies in its simplicity. Producers can often lose time and momentum searching through endless libraries when trying to build soundscapes. Orange Dreams is a simple, quick, and compact collection that we recommend trying out.

Orange Dreams Lite is available in AU and VST3 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Download: Orange Dreams Lite (362 MB download size, VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)