Behringer Wave Synthesizer Ready For Final Testing

Behringer has announced that, after three years of development, their Wave synthesizer is ready for final testing.

“We’re very excited to share with you that we’ve just completed our third and final prototype after 3 years of development, which will now go to our beta testers for final testing, before the synthesizer is released for mass production,” they note. “The Wave hybrid synthesizer was a particular complex research and development project, as the recreation of the unique sound properties such as aliasing, over-sampling, low-res converters etc. was very challenging. But after much hard work, we nailed it.”

The Behringer Wave synthesizer is an unofficial copy of the Palm Products GmbH PPG Wave 2 synthesizer. The original PPG Wave is one of the first analog + digital hybrid synthesizers, combining wavetable oscillators with analog VCFs & VCAs. It is 8 part multitimbral, a feature that appears to be carried over in the Behringer Wave:

Behringer previously announced that they are looking for people with PPGs to help them beta test and promote their copy. The company says it will give participants a synthesizer, in exchange for testing the synth and creating several demo videos.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer has not announced specifications or details on pricing and availability for the Wave. Like their other recent synth introductions, production of the Wave is constrained by parts availability. Behringer says that “once we receive the necessary semiconductors, we’ll get it straight into mass production and into your hands.”