Hey hey DETS – RSK/CHMS from Hamburg, has been around since the start of graffiti, since the late eighties, from the time of the c64 computer scene, From a time when the books Subway-Art and Spraycan-Art had a big impact and later some influences from the Netherlands and Paris came along! This year I’ve been doing this for 35 years, with a few years break between 1997-2001 and I have a feeling that I’ll make up for the time with lots of pieces (laughs). I am mainly a
Style writer, my works are mainly created in freestyle, which I personally like a lot, but my further development certainly limits something. I love to stand freely on the wall and do my thing!
With my CREW – REAL STREET KINGZ, I’ve gotten to know each member over the years, who are just as crazy, fun-loving and colorful as I am and
who you can rely on with all the ups and downs!
With this in mind – draw a lot and spray even more! DETS

Thanks a lot

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