Behringer Intros Space FX Multi-FX Eurorack Module

Behringer has introduced Space FX, a 24-bit digital stereo effects module for Eurorack systems.

The Behringer Space FX features 32 effect algorithms, with up to 3 adjustable parameters. The effects include: 15 reverb types including rooms, chambers, halls, plates, and springs; 8 different delay and modulation effects including echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo; as well as special effects such as pitch shifter, talkbox, LFO filter, and clipper distortion.

Space FX also includes combinations of the different effect types for further sonic manipulation. While the module does not offer any modulation inputs, a tap button lets you manually sync delays and other time-based effects.

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer Space FX is expected to retail for $49 USD. The company says that “As soon as we receive the chips required to put this into production, SPACE FX will ship immediately.”this video.