I write NEYEC (pronounced N eye C) and I’m from Hertfordshire but now reside in Essex, UK. I started painting in 1987, until around 1990 and then took a very long absence until 2011. My influences back in the day were BOSS, KANZ, FUGE, ELATE, URGE and ESSEX ROCKERZ.

I would say my style is semi-wildstyle and my influences today are PORK.ABS, POSA.ONE, GESER 3A, AIDZ ONE, IZER DL. I always try and work with colours that complement each other or clash, add some energy to the wall without losing focus on the letters. I’m learning each time I paint and that’s the beauty with graffiti, it challenges you to always try harder and make the next wall your best but like every art form that isn’t always the case.

Painting is like a kind of therapy for me, it allows you to switch off for a moment and escape. I paint for my own satisfaction and of course, the banter with fellow writers makes the day memorable.

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