What’s up!!
I write Mazon Ste, End
I feel like I’ve been writing on shit all my life but officially I’ve been writing off & on since like 89
I’m based out of Northern Ca.
Some early inspiration was Dream tdk , Spie tdk, Gnome cwk , Dero, Dondi ..
My favorites always change but I like seeing
House, Alamo, Large & lots of others
My stuff Lately I’ve been almost 100% on trains. I’ll paint walls on occasion but I prefer the steel, the ridges, the obstacles & the whole get in & out without getting caught thing..
I love seeing graff in movement & it being in all the elements & seeing the wear & tear on the panels is the shit to me…
I prefer my shit big chunky and readable at 50 feet away..going 50 miles per hour.
I also enjoy trying out weird color schemes.
Hopefully I can keep it up as long as I can. My body is telling me otherwise but fuck
Peace to all that get down for themselves, don’t worry about the next you!

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