Meta’s next headset will mix VR and AR

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans on creating his very own metaverse have just hit high gear with news of a new headset that will mix VR and AR. After renaming Facebook, Meta, the business mogul has been focusing his attention on virtual reality – and we have just had a sneak peek at just one of his metaverse-related projects. 

An unlisted video called ‘Project Cambria’ has been shared on YouTube by the Meta Quest channel (see below). The 10-second video gives viewers a cheeky look at the next generation of the Quest VR headset – and we have to admit, it looks pretty damn slick. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, then just head over to our guide to find out about the elusive metaverse

The new Quest headset will enable users to see their entire surroundings by using outward-facing cameras, creating a ‘mixed-reality’ experience (how Black Mirror-esque). The VR headset will also feature eye tracking so it can reflect a user’s real-life facial expression on their virtual avatar. According to Engadget, the Project Cambria headset will also be able to send emails and even allow users to write code. 

If you’re already loving the sound of Project Cambria, then be prepared to fork out a healthy $799 for the headset. It’s rumoured that this device will be even heavier than the Quest 2 (see below), because it supposedly sports a heavier battery (which may also be why the price is $500 more expensive than the Quest 2). 

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The Oculus Quest 2  (Image credit: Oculus)

Despite the Project Cambria video being unlisted, the video has still gathered over 91,000 views, and many have shared their thoughts on the design. One user commented on the video, “Ok, this is epic,” and another said, “Oh, it looks so clean,” to which we have to agree; the design of this headset in particular looks incredibly streamlined and chic.

It’s uncertain when this headset is likely to come out, so in the meantime, why not check out our roundup of the best VR headsets for art and gaming? Or if you’ve already got your VR headset, then make sure you have a look at our guide on the best VR apps

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