Meta’s logo looks suspiciously similar to a blockchain brand

Back in October, Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to cater to his desires in pursuing the elusive metaverse. The company has been renamed Meta and was given a fresh look with a brand new logo – but already the design seems to be causing problems. 

Meta has come under fire by a Swiss non-profit called Dfinity which runs a public blockchain network. The logos for both companies are somewhat similar, which Dfinity is claiming to be detrimental to the company. And if you have no idea what blockchain is, then don’t worry, you can brush up on all you need to know in our guide, what the heck is blockchain?

A comparison between the Dfinity and Meta logo

The two logos are very similar (Image credit: DFinitiy/Meta)

According to Reuters, Dfinity has now sued Meta over the controversy, because it believes that with Meta’s “sordid” history (their words), it could affect the company’s image and steer potential clients away from using the non-profit platform. With Meta also looking to embrace blockchain tech, there is even more concern for Dfinity as it’s likely the two companies could cross paths, making it confusing for customers. 

There is no denying that there are similarities between the two logos – both feature an infinity symbol as well as a gradient colour scheme. However, the Meta logo is shaped more like an M (to stand for Meta we presume). This isn’t the first time Zuckerberg’s logo has come under fire; back in November, it was pointed out that Meta had an almost identical logo to The Sense (an app to help with migraines). 

We are yet to see whether Meta will change up its design to combat these legal issues (although we seriously doubt it will). If you are creating your own logo and are hoping to avoid a similar controversy, then make sure you check out our guide on how to design a logo.

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