AudioThing’s New Crusher Plugin Is FREE With Any Purchase In May

AudioThing’s new Things – Crusher plugin has a list price of €18 (currently on sale for €9), but you can get it free with any purchase this month.

Things – Crusher is inspired by the effects section of Noises, AudioThing’s creative texture instrument plugin. If you already own Noises, Things – Crusher is free to you without further purchase.

Crusher is a Multimode Filter and Bit Crusher effect plugin.

The multimode filter ( highpass, lowpass, band, and notch) has 2/4-pole options and includes Cutoff, Resonance, and Output (-24dB to +24dB) controls. The filter Mode switch allows you to position the filter pre or post crusher.

The filter is followed by the Crusher section with controls for Bits, Downsample, Harshness, and Mix. Increasing the Bits knob will reduce the bit-depth and create more distortion. Downsampling reduces the sample rate and causes aliasing.

AudioThing has taken the Harshness control from the lofi tape plugin Reels. It controls the harmonic distortion and muddies the mid-range waters, so to speak. Wrapping up the controls is Mix, which is a simple dry/wet level.

This plugin is part of the Things series, including Motor, Texture, and Flip EQ.

Crusher delivers its functionality in a small, easy-to-use package like the rest of the Things series. The straightforward GUI has a few more handy features like parameter lock and manually edit values. The interface is resizable using predefined sizes (small, standard, big) or dragging the bottom right corner.

As far as bit crushers go, this one does what it’s supposed to; it’s a bit experimental, aggressive, and not over-complicated. More freebies are available if it’s not enough to satisfy your bit-crushing needs. Check out our best free bit crushers article featuring our BPB Dirty Spring, HomeCorrupter, and Krush from Tritik.

If you check out Tritik, it’s worth looking at Flaw; it’s one of my favorite lofi plugins recently.

Things – Crusher is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.09 – 12) and Windows (7-8-10).

More info: Things – Crusher (FREE with any purchase in May)

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