There’s a Vera Wang Barbie Doll, and it’s ‘deeply meaningful’

Mattel has a habit of creating Barbie Dolls based on real people, including Dolly Parton and even Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, and this new Vera Wang Barbie is getting people excited. Yes, you read that sentence in 2022 – people are getting hyped for a Vera Wang Barbie Doll.

Based on the famous high fashion designer, the new Mattel Creations Barbie Doll doll sells for $40. Mattel says its intention was to create a Barbie Doll that spotlights the “deeply meaningful” impact Wang has had on the fashion industry. 

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Photos of a Vera Wang Barbie Doll

The Vera Wang Barbie Doll has (almost) everyone who loves high fashion in raptures (Image credit: Mattel Creations)

The Vera Wang Barbie Doll comes in a monochromatic black outfit suitable for any catwalk. No, it’s not a dress you’d see on any Barbie; it’s actually a black romper worn under a chiffon gown. The fashion designer’s famed ‘LOVE’ logo is displayed on an exaggerated hem. Fans seem to really like it. “Yes Barbie! Yes!!!” exclaimed @ULoveTashi on Twitter.

But there’s a twist! It seems there’s competition among Barbie fashionistas and not everyone is so excited to see Vera Wang join the squad. Fans of rising Chinese fashion star Lan Yu say they favour the new designer – also in Barbie Doll form (see below).

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