Lifeline Expanse LITE Is FREE With Loopcloud Trial Until May 15th

If you take a Loopcloud trial any time from now until May 15th, you’ll get a free copy of Lifeline Expanse LITE. This offer is available across all Loopcloud plans: Artist, Studio, and Professional.

Lifeline Expanse LITE (usually $39) is a multi-effects plugin from Excite Audio. The plugin features five individual modules, each with four distinct algorithms.

The modules are Width, Dirt, Space, Re-Amp, and Format.

You can route the modules/effects however you like by dragging and dropping them anywhere in the chain. I know that being able to rearrange the modules is expected, but it’s good that it’s so simple. Some multi-effects plugins are too convoluted, and the tedious workflow defeats the purpose of using them in the first place, which is to save having a complex plugin chain.

At the first look, the rest of the GUI seems just as straightforward. The modules share almost identical controls, each having dedicated Gain, Tone, and Mix knobs. The only difference is that each has an additional knob/control specific to the module.

Beyond the modules are In/Out levels, a global low/highpass filter, and a global Mix knob. Just under the Mix knob are a couple of handy buttons that activate a built-in limiter and automatic smoothing. With all five modules engaged and running wild, I imagine the automatic smoothing will be helpful.

Each module has an advanced panel that reveals additional module-specific controls.

Having listened to demos ranging from mimicking vintage gear to euphoric techno leads, I have to say it sounded great. Highlighting the Dirt and Width modules is what stood out most to me.

On a bass guitar or Rhodes bass, it seems like it would nail that sweet spot where it sounds right on the edge but still clear enough to anchor the harmony. Speaking of distortion, don’t forget that TrapDrive from Diginoiz is FREE till May 8th.

On pads or electric piano chords, the Width module creates an immersive quality that’s quite lovely.

As a freebie, it’s a no-brainer for me. I’m already a Loopcloud user, and I don’t use it enough, but that’s due to a lack of time. When I use Loopcloud, I have a lot of fun with it and get things done, so I really like it. For anyone thinking of staying with the platform beyond the trial, I’d say as long as you put it to work often enough, you’ll be delighted with it.

Lifeline Expanse LITE is available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.9 upwards) and Windows (7 upwards).

More info: Loopcloud (get Lifeline Expanse LITE for FREE when you start a trial)

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