Hello my name is Heny and I am a graffiti artist from Belgium (Antwerp). I started sketching characters as a kid and have been doing graffiti pieces since the summer of 2015. I sprayed my first wall in 2017. Later on, I became addictive to making graffiti pieces and characters.

My style is based on simple letter structures with dynamic extensions. Moreover, I like to get a calligraphical touch in my pieces. I select my colours based on the colour wheel. In this way, each letter gets worked out one by one.

On the other hand, my characteristic designs are constantly adjusting to the style I currently like or have discovered. Furthermore, my style ranges from comics to simple doodles, yet I try to let my characters be influenced by my letters and vice versa.
I’m a huge fan of 90’s graffiti murals. I also enjoy the styles of the late 2000’s from Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, I like to combine those two vibes in my pieces.

The writers I like and have influenced my letters or details along the way are Dare, Rime (msk), Berst (tmd), Asmoe, Does. And yes, these writers also include some locals such as Defo (bcp), Skill (ak)…
Also, I would like to give 2 Dirty a shout out for everything he has taught me throughout my journey. Also special thanks to the Alfa Crew for giving me all the motivation and fun in painting murals.


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