Nugen Audio Announces New Halo Vision Plugin (FREE Early Access)

Nugen Audio announces the new Halo Vision analysis suite for surround audio and offers free early access to interested users.

Nugen Audio has a longstanding, positive reputation in the post-production world. Their intuitive plugins have long helped producers and mixing/mastering engineers deliver top-quality mixes.

The company is back at it again with the recent release of Halo Vision. This audio-visual analysis package includes multiple tools that offer a real-time observation of your audio tracks.

Commonly, producers might use a simple spectral analyzer to get a feel for their mix.

Halo Vision operates in up to 7.1.2 channels and offers multiple modules so that you can simultaneously monitor a variety of different meters. These tools give you a more detailed visualization of the sound field.

This plugin is designed for audio professionals who want to get as accurate an analysis as possible.

The user-friendly interface allows users to rearrange modules to suit their workflow easily.

Amongst these modules is a collection of tools such as a Correlation Web, Correlation Matrix, and Spectrum Analyzer. These tools help users identify the phase relationships between audio channels.

Halo Vision also includes a Frequency Haze tool to observe your audio within a surround sound spectrum. This gives mixers insight into how the sound will be perceived in, for example, a room or theater.

If the phasing between channels becomes anti-correlated, the plugin also displays this.

Additionally, Halo Vision features a true peak meter.

Regular peak meters can miss peaks that might show up when a track is exported as audio. A true peak meter gives a more accurate look at potential peaks in your track to avoid clipping.

Nugen Audio intended to make an all-encompassing suite of modules that go beyond typical visual meters. The multitude of tools makes Halo Vision a plugin that producers can use in various musical industries.

The ability to analyze 3D, immersive, and surround audio makes Halo Vision incredibly useful to those scoring films- imagine the detail required to make your favorite movie soundtracks sound good in the theater!

Halo Vision is set to release near the end of May. To gain access a week early, follow the link to the website and sign up for their mailing list.

Halo Vision will work on most DAWs that support AAX, VST3, and AU plugin formats.

Download: Halo Vision (FREE early access)