Apple Memorial Day sale 2022

The Apple Memorial Day sale 2022 is fast approaching, so we’re already on the lookout for the best deals. And we’ve already found some, including up to $70 off the latest Apple Watch, $74 off the Apple AirPods Pro and a range of savings on iPads and computers. 

The Apple Memorial Day sale offers the first opportunity in the year for those in the US to hunt out Apple bargains, so it makes sense to be prepared. Apple itself doesn’t offer Apple Memorial Day discounts, but plenty of other retailers do. That can make it hard to track down the best offers, so we’re going to do our best to help out, updating this page with the best Apple Memorial Day deals we can find as and when they go live, saving you from having to search the entire web yourself.

Memorial Day falls on Monday 30 May, but retailers always start their Apple Memorial Day sales before that. And the great news is that we’re already seeing some Apple Memorial Day sale early deals on a range of Apple goodies, from the latest iPad mini and iPad Air to the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple’s AirPods range of headphones, so scroll down for the best offers available now.

If you’re looking for more than just Apple products, see our general guide to the best Memorial Day sale 2022 deals too. And for year-round savings on Apple products, make sure you bookmark our permanent, regularly updated guide to the best Apple deals. For now though, here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Memorial Day Sale 2022.

Apple Memorial Day sale 2022: early deals

Memorial Day is still a little while away but we’re already seeing some very decent early Apple Memorial Day Sale 2022 deals on a range of products, including some very new releases. These are some of the best deals right now.

When is the Apple Memorial Day Sale 2022?

Memorial Day 2022 falls on Monday 30 May, and the biggest Apple Memorial Day sale discounts are likely to be found on that Monday itself and the weekend immediately before it. But, since Memorial Day is the first major retail event of the year, retailers are often keen to make the most of it, which means they tend to try to get in early and beat each other to the rush.

In previous years we’ve seen good Apple Memorial Day deals appearing in the week before Memorial Day itself, and even earlier in May – as you can see from the Apple Memorial Day deals above. So keep coming back to this page to check for updated offers as they appear.

Apple Memorial Day Sale 2022: what to expect

Based on our experience of many prior years of Apple Memorial Day sales, we can predict that we’ll see good savings on iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and more. In 2021, the Apple Memorial Day sale saw savings of $50 on the Apple Air Pods Pro, $70 off the Apple Watch Series 6 and $50 to $100 off certain iPads and MacBooks. 

We expect to see similar savings this year, with larger savings possible on older Apple products, and in fact, with two weeks still to go, we’re already seeing some deals comparable to last years Apple Memorial Day sale deals, with up to $70 off the new Apple Watch Series 7 and bigger savings on the AirPods Pro than last year.

Is Apple going to have a Memorial Day?

Bat some strange miracle, no. Apple itself will not have an Apple Memorial Day In fact, Apple doesn’t really do sales at all. Ever. Even after Christmas. The best we get from the Cupertino giant is voucher offers during Black Friday, when it tends to offer vouchers towards future purchases. That’s great if you’re a big Apple fan and you’re likely to buy more gear from the company (we know we certainly are), but it’s not the same as a straight-up cash discount on an item you want to buy now. This means that to find the best Apple Memorial Day sale deals, you need to look at other retailers. Amazon and B&H Photo are usually the best bets, followed by Target, Adorama, Best Buy and Walmart.

Apple Memorial Day sale MacBook deals

MacBooks are among the most expensive of Apple products so any saving here is welcome. We saw only small savings on MacBooks during the last Apple Memorial Day sale, but considering we’ve already seen discounts of around $100 on the 2021 MacBook models, we might see better savings this year.

Apple Memorial Day sale iPad deals

We almost always see iPad deals during the Apple Memorial Day sale and we don’t expect 2022 to be any different. With the release of the new IPad Air 5, we’re particularly expecting to see retailers cut the price on the 2020 iPad Air 4, but we’re likely to see more offers too. See the best current prices below. 

Apple Memorial Day sale AirPods deals

We saw some decent Apple Airpods deals during the Apple Memorial Sale 2021, including around $50 off on both the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. With the new AirPods 3 having already come in for discounts since their release last year, we reckon there could be some savings there too. See the best current Apple AirPods deals below.

Apple Memorial Day sale Apple Watch deals

We can usually rely on a few Apple Watch deals during all major sales events. We saw up to $70 off the Apple Watch Series 6 last year. The Apple Watch Series 7 has been released since then so we might see discounts on Apple’s latest smartwatch as well as on earlier models.

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