Drambo Modular Groovebox Gets Free Major Update To Version 2.0

BeepStreet has released version 2.0 Drambo, a major free update to the modular groovebox for iOS.

Version 2.0 features UI/Workflow refinements, a full-blown clip launcher and piano roll, additional modules, parameter automation recording, clip p-locks and more.

Here’s what’s new in Drambo 2.0:

  • Major Features:
    • Redesigned user interface and improved workflow
    • Song arranger / clip launcher
    • Parameter automation recording
    • Advanced curve editor / designer with cubic Bezier curves and various drawing tools
    • Piano roll and 7 detailed step sequence editors, auto-advance step recording mode (rest/tie style)
    • Sequence navigation bar with loopable sections per clip
    • Custom clip length and speed, clip p-lock, auto-grow recording
    • Stems recording
    • Customizable on-screen keyboard with scales
  • Other Changes:
    • Maximum polyphony increased to 16 voices
    • Drag’n’drop samples, clips and patterns
    • Clip lock – lock parameters on a clip
    • Library window search
    • File manager
    • Overlay layer: Audio Units may be shown as floating / resizable windows
    • One of many step component – picks one note from a chord randomly
    • Controls can be hidden in a folded rack
    • Morph module – morph or modulate multiple parameters in the rack
    • Wavetable oscillator module: Wave effect module: new modes, Wave motion module, Wave vocoder module
    • Gate declicker module
    • PC generator module
    • MIDI strum generator module
    • Buttons module
    • FDN module – advanced feedback delay network
    • MIDI learn: you may assign the same CC to multiple targets

Here’s a full walkthrough from Ben Richards:

Pricing and Availability

BeepStreet Drambo v2.0 is available now for $19.99.

via Juan