Dreadbox Intros 200 € Dysmetria Analog Groove Synthesizer

Dreadbox has introduced Dysmetria, an ‘analog groove synthesizer’ that’s now available as a DIY kit.

Dysmetria is a rhythm and bassline maker that can be used standalone or as a Eurorack synth module.


  • Full Voice Analog Modular Groove Synthesizer
  • Rhythm and Bassline maker
  • It can be used as a Desktop or a Eurorack synthesizer
  • It comes along with a dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter
  • Ideal for inexperienced DIYers
  • 42 HP
  • 2 Analog Oscillators
  • Voltage Controlled Mixer
  • Noise Generator
  • Voltage Controlled FM section
  • 2-pole Resonant Filter with LowPass and BandPass outputs
  • 2 Decay Envelopes
  • 32-step Sequencer with 3 Modes (Play, Live, Rec) and Step by Step Recording
  • 16 User Presets
  • 15 Patch Points

Pricing and Availability

Dysmetria is available now for 200 € (excl. VAT).