What’s up! I go by surf, and I’m based out of Santa Cruz California, now relocated to Albuquerque New Mexico. I started writing around 1998, and haven’t stopped since then. My style changes to keep me sharp, but the common thread is clean lines and an interesting color story. I don’t like to stay too comfortable and I’m always trying to challenge myself. I grew up around a lot of established writers, that pushed my skills. Crews like “TITS crew”,“FTL”, and “YPN”. My absolute favorite writer, is “MOBY” from TITS crew. His clean lines and funky color combos inspire me to always change it up and go against the norm. I also draw inspiration from KADY, SOME, VER, IKSOE, and WAR. These powerhouses have giant, bold, top to bottom letters, that have to be perfect in order to land and make a statement. My goal is to keep going as long as I can and keep evolving my style to be better and better.

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