People aren’t loving Instagram’s bright new app icon

When a logo sits on millions of users’ home screens, you can bet that not even the slightest change will go unnoticed. Instagram appears to have rolled out a slightly updated icon design – and it seems some users are, just like The Weeknd, blinded by the lights.

It looks like the Meta-owned app’s new icon is essentially a brighter version of the previous design, with the vibrancy of the gradient behind the logo turned up a notch (or three). But some users – and some smartphones – aren’t handling the change well. Looking for logo inspiration? Check out the best logos of all time.

Instagram app icon

Old (left) vs new (right) (Image credit: Instagram/Future owns)

“I’m going to have to reduce my screen brightness for that,” one Twitter user complains, while another adds, “New Instagram icon is way over-saturated. Gross.” And lots have users have shared screen recordings of iOS seeming to struggle with the new icon – when closing the app, the icon appears to judder between the old and new design.

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Indeed, while the original iteration of the gradient logo seemed hugely vibrant back in 2016, it looks positively restrained next to the new version. I shudder to think how saturated the 2028 version is going to look. 

Still, it’s hardly the most dramatic – or indeed worst – new app icon we’ve seen in recent months. At least it doesn’t resemble Hitler – looking at you, Amazon. But if you’re looking for the best of the bunch, check out our list of the best iOS app icon designs.

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