Hello I am SEDR 84, from Inowrocław in Poland. I started painting around 2000 in my hometown with the guys from UPS crew – Anime, Amor, and Aveone, and some other people from the city. We started painting a lot of trains on our little layup. Then the passion began to grow in us with age after every one goes to study or work to new places.

I like to travel and get to know new cultures and places and people in a given country. so far I painted on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. I have good memories of the trip to Gambia, the smallest country in Africa, where graffiti was not seen by many people and trip to New York, where I managed to paint with such iconic characters as Skeme, Chain 3 or Tats crew
I greet you

I like sharp shapes and matching letters in my style. I like old school arrows, arrows give direction in letters. I like how the picture is polished and clean with strong, intimate colors, In abandoned places, and walls with texture. I like to experiment or make a picture strictly against the wall straightens in fast colors such as chrome and black – pure minimalism – only letters.

Regards to my family, my crews and all good people
big UP’S

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