ToneLib Releases FREE TubeWarmth & BassDrive Plugins

ToneLib releases two new free VST plugins for guitarists, TubeWarmth and BassDrive.

ToneLib’s latest freebies are available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

TubeWarmth is a simple plugin that adds tube-style character to the often too clinical digital sound.

Sometimes, it’s easy to be too heavy-handed with overdrive; even if it sounds great, it can become a bit predictable. It’s often enough to use some kind of tube emulation plugin to give your tone a new but subtle texture without any drastic changes.

Described by ToneLib as a gentle tube overdrive, TubeWarmth could be an ideal way to color your tone without too much dirt.

The plugin has a simple three-knob GUI with controls for Warmth, Drive, and Level.

As well as adding light overdrive, TubeWarmth can add even harmonics when processing the input signal. It features a frequency spectrum display that provides real-time visual feedback of the input and output signals.

If TubeWarmth doesn’t satisfy all your tube needs, check out the recent TaraTube Distortion from Smaolab. And if you want to combine tube and tape saturation, look no further than our free BPB Saturator plugin.

The second freebie, BassDrive, is an overdrive designed for bass and low-tuned guitars. It’s based on the very popular Bass-Drive pedal, so it’s not just a clever name.

BassDrive features the same frequency spectrum display found in TubeWarmth. The display is a great way to track what each parameter does to the frequency range.

The GUI features controls for Drive, Blend, Tone (Bass/Middle/Treble/Presence), and Level.

Given that the overdrive can be reasonably aggressive, the featured controls allow you to explore a decent range of sounds.

Hardware units are popular in heavy guitar-driven genres but versatile enough to suit varying musical styles. Picking up a hardware unit will cost a few hundred dollars, so I’m far keener to test out a free plugin (especially as someone with minimal bass/guitar skills).

Both plugins are available in AU, VST, VST3, and Standalone formats for macOS (10.9 upwards), Windows (7 upwards), and Linux (16.04 upwards).

TubeWarmth and BassDrive look like straightforward plugins that could lay the foundations for your tone.

Download: TubeWarmth / BassDrive