New Analog Synthesizer Features Motorized Knobs For Robotic Patch Control

Tonelab shared this sneak preview of a new analog synth, debuting at the 2022 NAMM Show, that features motorized knobs for robotic patch control.

The motorized knobs promise to address a problem shared by classic analog synths, knockoffs and many reissues – lack of patch memory. Early analog synths used analog pots and physical switches to control patch parameters, which meant that patch memory was impractical. Modern synth designs generally use encoders, which means that the knob and switch settings can be saved and recalled.

This new synth, from Melbourne, Australia, uses motorized knobs – a new approach to handling patch memory with analog synths.

No details have been announced for the new synth, except that it is a 12-voice polyphonic analog synth design with motorized knobs.

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