Cherry Audio Intros Lowdown Bass Synthesizer, A Virtual Taurus

Cherry Audio has introduced Lowdown Bass Synthesizer, a new software synthesizer based on the most renowned dual-oscillator bass pedal synth ever made, the Moog Taurus.

The original analog gear was the first dedicated foot-controlled bass synthesizer outside of a handful of organ-oriented instruments. Its colossal tone was an integral part of top acts of the 70s and 80s, including Rush, Yes, Genesis, U2, and The Police.

It was more than just a standard monosynth with pedals attached. It used Hz/oct oscillator scaling, instead of the more common volts/oct oscillator scaling), which allows the detuning amount to remain constant across the range, minimizing the phase cancellation of two oscillators playing simultaneously.

While the Hz/octave design of the original meant that it was only practical to use within a limited range (like the more recent Minotaur synth), Cherry Audio’s virtual version doesn’t have that physical limitation.


  • Virtual analog emulation of the renowned monophonic bass pedal synth
  • Beyond bass: propel Lowdown from the fat deep end and up to soaring leads
  • Massive dual oscillators (Saw, Square)
  • Throaty 24dB/octave lowpass filter with controls for Cutoff, Emphasis, and Contour
  • Single-button access to Bull, Tuba, and Bass three factory presets
  • Variable live-panel mode, available with a single click
  • Additional one-button controls to activate Glide, Decay, and Octave
  • Loudness and Filter master “foot” sliders
  • Recessed panel provides access to programmable functions: Tune, Beat, Glide, Octave, Mix, and OSC B Frequency
  • Rendered and animated foot pedal keyboard
  • Select from 14 under-the-pedals floor surfaces
  • Over 40 presets in an extensive preset browsing menu, and unlimited user preset storage
  • Full MIDI control
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

Pricing and Availability:

Cherry Audio Lowdown is available now, with an intro price of $25 USD. .