Techniques Of Early Electronic Music

In his latest video, synthesist Hainbach takes a hands-on look at techniques of early electronic music.

Hainbach demonstrates some of these ‘lost’ techniques, using vintage oscillators under hand control, layering sound on tape, tape editing and tape effects and more. Then, in ‘Against The Clock’ fashion, he makes an electronic piece live.

Video Summary:

“I was asked by Goethe Institut Tokyo and Gebrüder Teichmann to do a talk on early electronic music techniques, with a special focus on Stockhausen and the WDR. I had no idea how I could present the results of my research in a fun way until the morning it was due, when a friend asked me to connect the dots of what I was doing. What a better way then to create a piece, like I do on my channel anyway?

Using techniques by Stockhausen and others at the WDR Studio, I assembled a piece with audience help in an “Against The Clock” fashion.

I held this talk at Superbooth22, thanks to everyone at the stage, sound, light and film crew for making this recording.”