Ahead of the 2022 NAMM Show, new synth maker Groove Synthesis has introduced the 3rd Wave, an advanced wavetable synth keyboard that takes the classic PPG Wave design to a new level.

Like the PPG Wave, 3rd Wave pairs wavetable oscillators with analog filters. It features 24-voice polyphony and 4-part multi-timbral performance capability, which means it’s like having four independent 6-voice synthesizers in one keyboard.

Each of its 3 oscillators per voice can be a classic PPG-era wavetable, a modern high-resolution wavetable or an analog wave shape. You can create up to 64 custom wavetables of your own with 3rd Wave’s Wave Maker tool, which features sample-to-wavetable capability. You can also connect an audio source to the built-in audio input and generate a wavetable at the touch of a button.

Other features include Linear FM, a 6-stage wave envelope per oscillator, 4 envelopes and 4 LFOs with delay, dual effects per part, a pattern/song based sequencer per part, and a 16-slot mod matrix.

Full specifications are still to be announced.

Check out the demo, by J3PO, and share your thoughts on the 3rd Wave synth in the comments!

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