Modo Bass 2 CS Is A FREE Bass Guitar Plugin By IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia released Modo Bass 2 (€299.99), the successor to their popular bass guitar virtual instrument. They are also offering the completely free Modo Bass 2 CS edition, containing a single bass guitar model.

The free Modo Bass 2 plugin includes the ’60s P-Bass bass guitar and doesn’t offer the fretless play capability found in the paid edition of Modo Bass 2. It also contains a reduced number of bass patterns.

However, it’s important to note that Modo Bass 2 CS is an incredibly versatile bass guitar plugin, despite these limitations. It is based on the same physical modeling engine as the brand new Modo Bass 2, and IK Multimedia kept most of the customization features unlocked.

The users can edit various aspects of the provided ’60s P-Bass bass guitar model, including the playing style (fingered, picked, or slapped), string mute, string number (four, five, or six), string properties, pickup properties, and more. The plugin also features a Studio menu where the user can access the amp and stompbox settings.

Modo Bass 2 CS lets you fine-tune the included ‘60s P-Bass model.

Thanks to its versatile physical modeling engine and authentic sound, the free Modo Bass 2 CS is easily the best free bass guitar plugin on the market right now. If you’re looking for a versatile bass guitar instrument that can match various music styles, look no further.

I tested Modo Bass 2 CS in some of my ongoing projects, and the seamless transition between the different playing styles blew me away. I loved the ability to customize the strings, fine-tune the pickups, and be as picky as possible about the sound until it perfectly matched the mix.

And let’s not forget the free Modo Drum CS, which offers all of these benefits but in the form of an acoustic drum kit plugin.

If you like Modo Bass 2 CS, you can always upgrade to one of the paid editions to unlock additional features.

Modo Bass 2 SE costs €149.99 and includes four bass guitar models: ’60s P-Bass, ’70s P-Bass, ’70s J-Bass, and Punk Bass. All sound engines are fully unlocked. The complete edition of Modo Bass 2 costs €299.99 and includes all 22 bass guitar models.

“MODO BASS 2 is the expanded edition of IK’s industry-first physically modeled bass virtual instrument, adding 8 new basses, including new fretless and upright options, a new patterns section with tons of new grooves, advanced performance controls, and more ways to enter the MODO BASS world.”

IK Multimedia highlights the ability to make any included bass guitar a fretless model (not available in Modo Bass 2 CS). The option is available in the String panel, and it instantly changes the playing vibe and feel of the instrument.

And if you’re not a fan of playing your bass guitar riffs via MIDI, you’ll be happy to hear that IK Multimedia included a wide range of patterns to get you started. The included patterns cover a variety of music styles and can be edited to match your tune.

To add Modo Drum 2 CS to your DAW, download the IK Product Manager app and install Modo Bass 2 from the Software panel.

Download: Modo Drum 2 CS