Audiomodern Playbeat Lite Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique offers the Playbeat Lite plugin by Audiomodern as a free add-on with any purchase in June 2022.

Playbeat Lite is the lightweight version of Playbeat 3 ($79), a rhythmic pattern creation tool in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. The software is also available as a standalone app.

Audiomodern describes Playbeat 3 as a “next-generation creative groove engine” and “the world’s smartest groove machine.” But what makes Playbeat 3 stand out from other groove machines and drum sequencers on the market?

The software’s standout feature is its ability to generate an infinite amount of new rhythmic patterns. If you’re feeling stuck while working on a drum loop, Playbeat should, at least in theory, get you out of the rut by providing an array of groove variations based on your track.

The full version of Playbeat 3 offers up to eight sequencer engines with features like flam strokes, volume/pan modulation, real-time pitch shifting, and more.

However, I’d love to know the differences between the complete edition of the software and Playbeat Lite. I scoured the web for details, but I couldn’t find any relevant info.

Playbeat Lite was already available as a freebie in Beat magazine’s May 2022 issue. So, if you already own the software, please let us know about its limitations (compared to the full version) in the comments section below.

To get your free copy of Playbeat Lite at Plugin Boutique, add any paid product to your shopping cart, and you’ll see the option to claim Playbeat Lite as a free add-on. The free copy of Playbeat Lite can’t be exchanged for a different product.

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide:

  • Make sure you have a registered Plugin Boutique account. If you do not have an account, you can create one HERE.
  • Add any paid-for product to your basket (This offer is not valid on free products).
  • Select the free gift and complete checkout.
  • Don’t use Virtual Cash or a coupon for the FULL amount of the transaction. (Any amount less than 100% is still OK, though!)

Claim your free copy of Playbeat Lite at the promo page linked below. And if you like getting free add-ons with your purchase, check out this month’s free gift from ADSR Sounds.

More info: Playbeat Lite (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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