Get 90% OFF Native Instruments KOMPLETE Classics Collection

Plugin Boutique just launched a couple of no-brainer Native Instruments deals. You can get a 90% discount on the KOMPLETE Classics Collection and an 86% discount on the KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection until June 30th, 2022.

If you’re in the market for industry-standard virtual instruments and effects, this software bundle duo from Native Instruments is well worth considering. The offer includes some of the most popular NI virtual synthesizers, as well as some up-and-coming synths that will surely become classics in the years to come.

KOMPLETE Classics Collection

KOMPLETE Classics Collection is perfect for beginner music producers who want instant access to hundreds of classic sounds.

The bundle contains the following Native Instruments plugins:

  • Massive
  • Absynth 5
  • FM8
  • Replika

Although the software listed above doesn’t need an introduction, let’s take a closer look at all four of these heavily discounted gems.

NI Massive is one of the most popular instruments on the market, period. It was featured in countless hit records, and there are hundreds of sound banks you can purchase or download for free. And if you want to improve your synthesis skills, nothing can stop you from doing a quick YouTube search for “NI Massive tutorial” and spending the entire summer becoming the next synthesizer wizard.

Absynth 5 is a bit more complex than Massive. It is a semi-modular synthesizer geared towards lush pads, cinematic soundscapes, and other atmospheric sounds. The instrument comes with a jaw-dropping sound collection that contains more than 2,100 presets.

FM8 is Native Instruments’ legendary FM synthesizer. It covers all the frequency modulation staples, from ’80s electric pianos to ’90s dance plucks and modern growling basses. And being that FM isn’t the easiest synthesis type to wrap your head around, it’s good to know that FM8 comes with over 1,200 presets.

Replika is a delay plugin that oozes character. It offers three different delay modes, ranging from clean, modern delays to dirty vintage echoes. It is a powerful effect that deserves a spot in every sound designer’s arsenal.

All four plugins are currently available for $49 ($495 list price) in the KOMPLETE Classics Collection software bundle.

KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection

Don’t despair if you already own these music production software classics. Native Instruments offers another bundle that includes some of their more recent products.

KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection contains:

  • Super 8
  • Form
  • TRK-01
  • MOD Pack (a 3-in-1 FX collection)

Super 8 is a retro-inspired virtual instrument. It’s a must-have if you enjoy any of the following (in no particular order): synthwave, cheesy 80s synth riffs, Stranger Things soundtrack, or fat analog sounds. The instrument is easy to use, wonderfully designed, and packed with over 550 retro presets.

Form is a forward-thinking virtual instrument that lets you transform existing audio samples into entirely new sounds. Use the provided source sounds or take some of your favorite samples for a spin in this complex (yet intuitive) virtual instrument.

TRK-01 is a creative groovebox for kick and bass sounds. Build complex bass drum grooves and experiment with basslines that will get the floor moving in no time.

MOD Pack is a collection of three deceptively simple-looking audio effects. Choral (chorus), Flair (flanger), and Phasis (phaser) may look like your average bread-and-butter audio effects on the outside. Still, they are packed with innovative modulation features and inspiring presets that will help take your projects to the next level.

All four plugins are available for $49 ($366.68 list price) as part of the KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection software bundle.

Both deals will expire on June 30th, 2022.

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