SHANE – I’ve been painting graffiti for 11 years and have been writing calligraphy for seven! For me, both need to be practiced consistently, in order to influence each other and to create a continuous exploration of technique.

My style of lettering is a self-developed script stemming from my studies of blackletter calligraphy. I’m heavily inspired by extraterrestrial interpretations & ancient architecture, writing, and craftsmanship. I like to imagine my script as an Imperial Blackletter, used by the elites of an ancient, alien civilization.

I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota but have been based in Denver, CO for 4 years to pursue a career as a muralist. Through my company, Mindful Release, I plant trees from my calligraphy projects, totaling over 10,000 trees planted.

Some writers I admire are Sofles, MFK crew, Revok, Eros, Coupe, and countless others who have influenced freight and graffiti culture.

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