Can someone please tell me what direction this man is running?

If you’ve visited Creative Bloq before, then you’ve probably noticed that we are big fans of a good optical illusion. We’ve covered plenty of different designs over the years, from rotating horses to mesmerising spinning boxes. And today’s illusion is another great addition to the pile. 

When you first look at this peculiar design, it looks like a man is running toward you, no, away? Wait, which way is the man running? The more I look at this design, the less I understand which way the man in the photo is running. If you’re loving this illusion and fancy indulging yourself in some more this bank holiday weekend, then why not check out our roundup of the best optical illusions

The running man optical illusion

Which direction is he running? (Image credit: Jagran Josh)

According to JagranJosh (opens in new tab), the direction you see the man running depends on how you think. If you see the gentleman running towards you then apparently you focus better and are good at problem-solving. But if the man is running away from you, then it’s likely that you’re good at tasking and are more analytics. 

This isn’t the first optical illusion that has left me wondering what direction the subject is heading. Back in March, I was left baffled by a cat walking on some stairs. The internet was also utterly perplexed by a video of a rotating horse when we couldn’t decide what direction it was spinning. 

If you’re an optical illusion fan and fancy creating your own, then why not download Photoshop and have a go? And if you need a hand with some inspiration, then you’ll love our roundup of the best Trompe L’eoil illusions. You could even follow our step by step guide on how to create 3D optical illusions

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