Sow84 – First I want to thank you for the opportunity! I am from Brazil specifically from the State of São Paulo, I live in the far east region, far from the Center. I often write my name on the outskirts of my neighborhood. I’ve had fun with graffiti since 2000, my biggest influence are my friends and my crew, which I’m founder, our acronym is OTM which means Operação Tinta no Muro. I have a great fascination for the history of American graffiti and I am passionate about the European style. Crew’s like FX, MSK, Love Letters and Bnadits are references for me. I focus my work on creating characters and studying letters, I like to play with perspectives and add digital elements to the composition of the pieces. Anime, comic book characters and video games are my company daily so they are constantly added to my productions.

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