Hey Bombing Science! My tag is Drako and I’ve been doing graffiti for 6/7 years, my crew is Bad Kids Seven and I’m based in Porto, Portugal.

I got into writing because I’ve always enjoyed writing my name since I was a little kid, at some point all my friends from school started doing graffiti and I joined them. I’m on a graffiti phase at the moment where I just honestly want to tag, and practice to have the best possible handstyle I can achieve.

My favorite writers at the moment are Sofles, Seen, Sicoer, Aper, Canser, Disto, and Revok.

In my country, my favorite graffiti writers are Fynd, Cola, Jamal, Guizo, Blublas, and Virus.

I think my style came from seeing a lot of dope artists like Nursey and Sicoer and practicing as much as I could. Also, because I posted all my practice tags on social media, haters gave me a decent career opportunity and quite a following, so I’m very gratefull to them.

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