Network for Musicians: How Artists Find Each Other Online in 2022

With the lack of interaction we’ve all felt over the past few years—it’s no surprise that many artists turned to online communities to foster interaction and meet new peers.

But, most social media platforms aren’t necessarily designed with musicians and artists at the forefront. Really it’s not all that clear what’s the best network for musicians.

Sure, there are plenty of social media sites that contain music-friendly features—but when it comes to finding a space to collaborate and create new music, the field is much smaller.

In this article, we’ll look at a few networks for musicians that do more than your typical social media platform by inspiring collaboration and encouraging artists to interact and work together.

Here’s five networks for musicians that every artist should consider using to collaborate and work together online.

TikTok was built around the idea of musical collaboration. Its duets feature initially was made to encourage users to sing along to pop songs and other users’ song ideas.

While TikTok definitely falls into the social media platform category, it also works as a network for musicians because it’s a proven place for artists to share ideas and find communities.

Its duets feature initially was made to encourage users to sing along to pop songs and other users’ song ideas

The music world is a huge side of TikTok—and many artists have blown up and found success after writing a viral TikTok song or building a large following.

On top of that, TikTok pioneered the music library feature that allowed artists to caption their videos to use practically any song in existence—the song library on TIkTok has millions of tracks to choose from, including songs from a-list artists and beyond.

So consider distributing your music to TikTok if you want to have a better chance of going viral there.

There are plenty of spaces to collaborate online, but few of them were built by and for musicians.

We’re a little biased, but we really do believe that LANDR Network is a powerful platform where artists can connect, collaborate and create new music easier than anywhere else.

That’s because Network does a few things that musicians are looking for really well.

It has a service marketplace where you can find pros to help you find professional mixing and mastering engineers, session musicians, music promotion help and much more.

And, Network also has a huge community of collaborators and artists just like you who are ready to connect and check out your tracks.

Plus the collaboration tools available on Network make working with others easier than anywhere else.

Network’s innovative commenting system makes it easy for your collaborators to leave timestamped feedback on the track you’re working on.

That’s because it’s an all-in-one place to store the songs you’re working on and get comments, store DAW projects and DAW stems.

Its innovative commenting system makes it easy for your collaborators to leave timestamped feedback on the track you’re working on.

And, when you’re ready to share the projects with a new collaborator, grabbing a shareable link is super easy.

Oh, did I mention that all this storage space is free to use! If you haven’t signed up for LANDR, you should get an account and start using LANDR Projects to collaborate right now.

SoundCloud is like Twitter for music—it’s where you go to post your tracks, find new artists and see what people are making.

It’s also awesome for starting a conversation around your music and joining the conversation with others.

SoundCloud is like Twitter for music

So if you make music, don’t forget to post your music on SoundCloud and try to interact with the platform—repost people’s music, leave a comment on a track you liked and follow artists in your niche.

This is a super important network for musicians, so definitely make sure you have some kind of presence if you’re actively releasing tracks.

4. Reddit

The largest forum on the internet is Reddit—so it’s no surprise that tons of music-related communities exist there.

Whether you make beats, write sensitive folk songs, are into metal or experimental ambient electronic—you can find like-minded creators to talk shop with on this platform.

Some great music production and songwriting channels on Reddit include r/FL_Studio, r/Songwriting, r/trapprodcution, r/WeAreTheMusicMakers, r/audioengineering and r/AbletonRacks.

So if you’re looking for advice, support or feedback—go check out these forums. Just make sure you read the rules before you start posting!

GearSpace is an older forum that covers a variety of topics—mostly relating to gear, software and audio engineering.

This longstanding forum has always been a major source of information and discussion around music gear new and old.

It even has a section for buying and selling vintage gear on its online market.

So if you’re looking for advice on a gear purchase for your home studio—or if you’re curious about audio engineering, GearSpace is a great network for musicians to check out.

The network for musicians of your dreams

Where you find your niche online is important. Sometimes you have to look beyond the major social media platforms to find like minded people who are interested in what you’re up to.

That’s why discovering a great network for musicians might be important for you.

So get out there, put your best foot forward and go find that online community you’ve always been looking for!