Do You Believe In Vocoders?

In the latest episode of the Spoken Word with Electronics podcast, host Ethan Persoff explores the sound of the GRP Synthesizer V22 Vocoder.

Here’s what Persoff has to say about episode 71, The GRP Vocoder Speaks for Itself (Demo and Sound Tests of the GRP V22):

“This week, after a short stay through customs, a wonderful box arrived from Italy: the GRP V22, an all-analog vocoder. GRP Synthesizer is a small Italian company which assembles its electronics by hand and spends years on development, imbuing their work with a European craftsmanship that is often faithful to original electronic concepts. The wall-sized A8 synthesizer and very creative R24 sequencer are two examples of their impact on the electronics community.

And now they have a vocoder. An amazing vocoder built as authentic to original designs of how a vocoder works as possible. It’s pretty damn exciting. But what is a vocoder? Despite vocoders’ ubiquity in plug-ins and other formats, fully analog vocoders with access to the spectral analysis are exceptionally rare.”