LANDR Challenges: Leverage Your Fans to Land a Big Collab With LXGEND!

Working with a big-name producer can be a game-changer for an emerging artist—accessing expertise, new fans and industry attention is often a catalyst for making a big move.

But finding opportunities like these can be a major hurdle, even if you have a growing audience.

In the past, landing a big collab required some level of connectedness—whether that be through artist management, a publishing agent or an A&R rep.

Today though, not every artist has access to those kinds of music industry members—even if their music is totally deserving of attention.

LANDR Challenges is a brand new way for emerging producers to partner with big-name artists, engage their fanbase, create new music and earn real streaming revenue.

That’s why LANDR Challenges is leveling the playing field by making it easier than ever to navigate a tough music industry and land a big collab.

Every emerging producer should be excited about how LANDR Challenges is working to help artists meaningfully collaborate with established artists, engage their own fans and grow their music production skills.

Here’s how it works.

What is LANDR Challenges?

LANDR Challenges is a brand new way for emerging producers to partner with big-name artists, engage their fanbase, create new music and earn real streaming revenue. It’s hosted via LANDR’s Collaboration platform—anyone is free to join a LANDR Challenge.

Here’s the mechanics behind a LANDR Challenge.

When you join a challenge you will receive a selection of unfinished stems from the host artist—it’s up to you to take the stems as inspiration and add your own flair and style to the track.

Participating in a LANDR Challenge is easier than you might think—that’s because each LANDR Challenge comes paired with a free Chromatic sample set that participants must use to inspire their version of the track.

Once you’ve written your version of the host’s track, all you have to do is submit it to the Challenge via LANDR Collaboration Tools and encourage your fans to vote for your track.

The track with the most fan votes at the end of the voting period will win its way into the final round of the challenge where the host will choose a favorite track from up to 20 finalists.

If you win the challenge you own the release

Here’s where things get interesting—if your track is chosen as the winner, the story doesn’t end there.

In fact, you’re only just getting started. That’s because you’ve not only won the Challenge but you’ll also now be credited as a co-owner and co-producer of the final track.

Meaning that you and the host will split equal ownership and you’ll receive future payments earned from any streaming revenue on that track.

So, if your collab blows up, you’ll be there to reap the rewards!

Your fans own part of the release too!

This part really changes the game. Encouraging your fans to vote for your track is always a tough sell, especially when there’s low incentive to take the time to both listen and cast a vote.

Fans have a chance to get in on the ownership of your release—since a fraction of ownership of the track will be awarded to a handful of fans who voted for the winning track.

LANDR Challenges turns this lack of incentive on its head by offering fans the chance to get in on the ownership of your release—since a fraction of ownership of the track will be awarded to a handful of fans who voted for the winning track.

So when you participate in a LANDR Challenge, tell your fans to go vote for you and let them know that if you win, they’ll get a slice of the actual ownership of your song!

Partner with LXGEND on his new track GLOW

For our inaugural LANDR Challenge we couldn’t be more excited to offer you the opportunity to collaborate with internet sensation, LXGEND, on his new track GLOW.

Head over to LANDR Challenges and check out the stems LXGEND is working on for GLOW, download them and add your own style, sound and vibe.

You’ll also need to grab the LANDR Chromatic plugin and download three free Chromatic sets—Wooden Cannibal, Jack Beats and Movers & Shakers—to use as inspiration for the drums on GLOW.

Of course, you’re totally free to add any of your ideas to the stems and be creative with how you use Chromatic!

We want to hear your ideas—whether you’ve got interesting synth lines, a vocal part, drums or a cool sample to add to LXGEND’s stems.

So why not participate in LXGEND’s Challenge, download the stems and add your own feel and flair to GLOW!

The top three winners will also receive a care package from Shure including an MV7 mic, SRH840 headphones and a free year’s subscription to LANDR Studio—opening access to every part of LANDR including mastering, distribution, samples, Chromatic, LANDR FX and more!

Join the LXGEND x LANDR Challenge

With Challenges your fans become your A&R

The most exciting part about LANDR Challenges is that your fans will vouch for you. You don’t need an agent or an A&R representative to get you in front of the host.

You just need to do your best work, be creative, submit something that shines and tell your fans to vote for your song.

And, don’t forget that LANDR Challenges makes it possible for your fans that do vote to become fractional owners of your track and earn a small percentage of streaming payments.

The fourth wave of fan engagement

In the past fans were limited in the ways they could interact with their favorite artists.

Initially, their best avenue was to attend their live shows and maybe write in fan mail.

Then came social media, which allowed artists and fans to engage more directly with one another in more intimate settings—artists and fans could get much more personal with one another.

The third wave invited fans into the creative process with platforms like TikTok encouraging fans to duet with their favorite artists and perform dances set to their favorite tracks.

Now LANDR is starting the fourth wave in fan engagement.

LANDR Challenges not only invites fans into the creative process, it also offers them the opportunity to gain fractional ownership of the output of the artists they love.

It’s an exciting new way to incentivize fan engagement with the opportunity to win streaming revenue and the pride of owning a piece of culture.

Stay tuned to work on stems from big names like Austin Millz and more!

We’re just getting started with LANDR Challenges and we can’t wait to host even more events.

We’ve got some big names coming up, including a LANDR Challenge with Austin Millz and Social House.

So, stay tuned and keep up with LANDR Challenges—we’ll be creating tons of opportunities to collaborate with established producers and engage your fans.